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I am a political economist who studies the ideational and institutional foundations of economic liberalization and neoliberalism in Israel and other advanced economies. My work mainly focuses on the governmental aspects of the neoliberal political-economic regime, namely its architecture of economic decision-making and the ideas that stand behind this architecture. Generally, I show in my research that depoliticization and the institutionalization of technocrats’ policymaking power are crucial components of the neoliberal political-economic regime, and that these institutional changes were informed by highly influential set of economic theories which I termed ‘neoliberal ideas of government’ (NIGs).

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While the common academic and popular analysis of neoliberalism tends to focus on the influence of pro-market ideology on changes in governments’ economic interventions, I demonstrate in my studies that no less crucial and even more resilient were the governmental changes that accompanied economic liberalization and the NIGs that stood behind them.

Here is what I do...


Liberalization, Economists, Ideas, Power

An in-depth analysis of the Israeli paradigmatic case of economic liberalization suggests that a crucial factor behind economic...


Economic policy and the Great Recession

In recent years, I utilized my findings on NIGs and the institutional changes that they have informed to explain the immediate policy...


Financialization and the welfare state

One of most prominent neoliberal phenomena is financialization – the growing dominance of financial logics, actors and markets – not...


Privatization and gradual institutional changes

As various studies have shown, political-economic reforms and economic liberalization reforms in particular are in many cases the...


Israel’s political economy – past and present

A general analysis of Israel’s political economy and its historical transformations can be found in several of my studies, including a...

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Read my full CV

Read my full CV

Read my full CV

Read my full CV

Read my full CV

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